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Stacking – Balancing

Stacking - Balancing

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My Facial Tissue sculptures – Overlayed

Option B_PRINT (1)

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Hornsby Art Prize – Finalist 2013

19-6-13 061

Ok so the colours are slightly different than in this image however this was selected for the Hornsby Art Prize 2013. This was a wonderful exhibition and opening event and….they had their own room dedicated to ‘printmaking’! It was a strong room and a strong show and I am looking forward to next year.

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Fishers Ghost 2013 Finalist


The concept of how erasure can be productive and how to make use of or re-use waste or rubbish is something I find extremely interesting. Here I have reused domestic at-hand materials such as the plastic drop-cloth commonly used to protect furniture or for children’s projects.

I also related this to my digital T.V ‘visual noise’ when the image breaks up into little pixels which is another form of ‘rubbish’ and embracing the failure of the dissolving image thus re-contextualizing the notion of ‘failure’.

The model wears a transparent apron and is masked by her domestic role, she places egg rings on her wrists as bracelets, embracing the role of domestic goddess whilst losing a sense self. She is staged, performing her role and her duties, embracing some failure in order to produce and provide which has its own sincere beauty.

National Portrait Prize_KatherineKennedyEntry

This version was entered into National Portrait Prize 2013…the decision was a little hasty and as I don’t think I will ever be selected for this prize, at this stage I can’t imagine entering again.

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Studio Clearance Sale!!! December 2014

I am selling my work off really cheap. Preferably framed works but I have prints also. If you are interested in purchasing works from my 2012 portfolio (primarily the counterbalance pieces) please let me know by posting a comment and we can work it out.

Untitled-1 WEB

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Breaking Broken – Violence Against Women IWD entry 2014

ARTWORK 1: ‘Breaking Broken’ Violence Against Women IWD entry for 2014

Embracing relationship failure as a creative concept required the consideration of the emotional state and the opposing architecture of both the internal and external, within and without, inside and outside. As the passing of time incurs a symbiotic development or even a mutation of the notion of self within the relationship dynamic, change can often occur subtly and yet its effects are lasting.

A series of fragile woven cubic forms were created out of facial tissues to represent the tissue box shape. The content of the tissue box, its ‘insides’, were utilised to create its ‘exterior’ surface. These tissues were initially soaked in red wine which is often turned to for comfort or the dulling of emotional burden. The resultant diptych portrays both the imposed elusiveness of the core problem and the moment of realisation of emotional trauma and its inherent gravity.

K_Kennedy_BREAKING BROKEN_2014_web

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International Women’s Day – entry for 2014

Here is my other entry for the International Women’s Day & Violence against Women art event for 2014

ARTWORK 2: IWD Triptych

A concentration upon relationships, as a divergence from various research approaches upon the notion of balance, result in these solid cubic forms which are created from wine soaked facial tissues.

A collection of failed relationships and inherent psychological stacking of the resultant emotional burden is imbued with a sense of gravity, density and weight.

The construction of three dimensional forms out of trauma is a basic survival mechanism considering notions such as re-building out of ruins, reclaiming a future, establishing a tangible form from the intangibility of emotion.

The fibrous nature of the humble facial tissue becomes a metaphor for innocence which is inevitably transformed by interactions, experiences, trauma and beauty

K_Kennedy_IWD TRIPTYCH_2014_web

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