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Alumni Exhibition – (already passed)

Interestingly, I completely forgot to upload this work to my blog! It was a piece that I had complete confidence in and it did rather well for me in the judging of the works in the end. However, the highlight for me was the fact Nepean Arts and Design Center, TAFE (Kingswood) held an alumni (post-graduate) show and gave us all a chance to show what we have been working on in the first place. Way to Go NADC!!!

Did I mention they might be running a degree program???





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Submission for Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award!

Provoked Pain:

This work was both a development of my own practice, and responded to a set task for my etching class at COFA (UNSW). This Assessment Task required students to produce an image or series developed from the notion of unexpected juxtaposition. We were given two completely random words and my assigned words for this project were ‘provoked’ and ‘pain’.

Synonyms for the word ‘Provoked’ include; Motivated, incited, triggered, activated, reactive, aggravated and forced. Indeed there are connotations involving an ephemeral suggested ‘other’ as the cause of discomfort when we reflect on this word. The use of the figure and portrait (in the two 20 x 30cm prints) suggests either the instigator of provocation or the victim. Although it hints towards the victim, it does present a level of ambiguity.

The synonyms for the word ‘pain’ are; discomfort, agony, ache, hurt, sting, sore and throb. This naturally follows with the interpretation of the previous word which when combined lead to considerations of motifs as sourced from real experiences. The recurring motif of facial tissues in my work comes into play here regarding the structural sculptures which inform the context of the work.

The ephemeral and therefore intangible nature of emotions in the ‘provoked pain’ theme insists upon a conceptual investigation of how to represent this in each image and as a whole. Emotions manifest in expressions and behaviour however this seemed too direct and so the notion of using the sculptures was born. The soft, woven, hollow facial tissue cubic forms are stacked one atop the other. Some are clearly voids, others are masking their void via the woven shield but all are inspired by the cubic tissue box. So what was once within (facial tissues), has been used to shape the form from whence they came. Within-without, inside-outside and ephemeral to tangible.






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Artist Book

Hard Cover Concertina Book Form

Outline: designed and created from several demonstrated options involving concertina, accordion and flag book forms with perhaps pamphlet-stitched sections.

Result: This is my second artist book which I have made for my Artists Books Elective at COFA and I am really happy with it. It incorporates many of the requirements outlined in the assessment brief such as the concertina form, 3 dimensional considerations, is structurally sound and both stand and close allowing the covers to protect the internal pages. The one thing which differs is the cover lid flap, which does not close. This is an aesthetic decision although a surprise in the making of the box form.












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Head On Photo Festival

iJK Head-On: hosted by TAP Gallery 12 May to 8 June
Featured Artists: ivy Jean, Julieanne Bartolo and Katherine Kennedy

For more information head to:

iJK Head On




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Katherine Kennedy_International Womens Day_image 2