Emotional Barrier

15 Jun

Assessment 1: Printmaking: Planographic systems and substrates


This work responds to a UNI assessment brief outlining the notion of ‘barrier’ to be interpreted by each student in order to produce an image using the idea of the barrier. It could be visual, physical or psychological and using the scope of the theme I was encouraged to understand how artistic concepts can be applied, along with research skills, in creating content for print related (Lithographic) work. A barrier can be interpreted as a physical presence to block or impede, a reflection of miscommunication and more.

My finished piece is a physical barrier albeit a whimsical one. As a curtain extending from the ceiling, it was installed in a university hallway impeding pedestrian traffic to and from the studio space and forcing people to walk around it. hanging before the curtain is a second layer some 40cm (approximately) in front of the curtain as a plastic sheet with an oval shape cut out of it.

This overall large rectangular format with the oval extension references the tissue box face and the hole through which you pull out the tissues. The curtain itself is made up of red and white wine treated facial tissues adhered to a larger sheet as a plastic backed facial tissue drop sheet. smaller pieces were worked into the surface sometimes as additions, sometimes as subtractions allowing light to inform the finished aesthetic as an important element. These shapes and textures again reference either the facial tissue fibers, red and white wine, and the flat shapes which tissue boxes make when disassembled. Most Important in this work was the lithographic print which I wanted to be harmonious with all the other components. This print itself reflects those same above named shapes and is printed on butchers paper to aid in it not taking over the final work but instead blending in uniformly.

As the concept of an emotional barrier is largely ephemeral, the challenge was to create a tangible artwork which is indicative of this without being too physically substantial or solid. I believe I achieved what I was aiming for and the magic of installation day provided the only available installation space. This was within a ceiling light bracket which coincidentally was the exact fit for the width of my two curtain rods and spaced them out perfectly regarding the depth between the two. The light itself highlighted the transparent quality of the curtain which is a significant conscious element of the work so this was most advantageous indeed!









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