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Sassafras Exhibition Call Out!

Attention Local artists!

Sassafras full logo
Sassafras Creek Food & Design with emerging curator Katherine Kennedy are scheduling their new exhibition calendar for 2015 and 2016. Local Hawkesbury, Nepean and Blue Mountains artist’s are invited to propose a solo or group show for exhibition within this wonderfully scenic space situated in the picturesque Kurrajong Village. New Manager Joe Lee explains, “We really want to continue supporting local artists in the sophisticated manner that Sassafras has earned a good reputation for in the past”. Sassafras Creek has recently re-opened with new restaurant owners, the Lee family, in the cafe, The Kurrajong Food Store in the retail space and Evan Butcher has returned as Head Chef to produce a great new menu based on local seasonal produce.
Artists are invited to send (after Monday 3 November 2014) no more than 5 images and a brief proposal for a solo or group show. This statement should explain your art discipline proposed to be featured, for example; painting, printmaking, digital media, encaustic or drawing. Please also include what the premise for the show would be as well, such as; depictions of rural life emphasizing cattle or my obsession with native birds and other wildlife (just examples). Feel free to write a little about yourself or your group if you so please however this is not essential, and send to, after Monday 3 November 2014.

The gallery space has a hanging system for frames with D-Rings and can accommodate double hanging if necessary. Good luck with your proposals!

Here are the links to Sassafras Creek’s Website and facebook page;

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Let’s Get Festive!


Hawkesbury Printmakers Inc. HPI. XMAS Card Workshop with Sheila Sharp

Bookings Essential!

Sheila Sharp is a wonderful local Hawkesbury printmaker with years of experience and yet she is humble as pie. She is always keen to pass on her knowledge to others in practical ways and this years XMAS card making project is no exception. Lets Get Festive!

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‘Girl Genius’ is a Stroke of GENIUS

Last night a public declaration was made alongside the inauguration of an inclusionary award for the long absent ‘Girl Genius’ within the arts vicinity. A multitude of witnesses can attest as in a stroke of ‘genius’ a new initiative was launched during the opening night event for the annual Kudos Art Award at Kudos Gallery, 6 Napier Street Paddington.

BA Fine Arts Graduate and Honors candidate, Miranda Samuel proudly stood and announced an exciting new award which ‘stems from the very idea of the ‘girl genius’ as something that is virtually non-existent’. She rousingly explained the rapid growth which support for this project had sustained from the moment of its inception when communicating it to prominent women Australia wide.

Interestingly this young, attractive, intelligent, proactive girl with her well-earned self-confidence in announcing herself as co-founder of this initiative was met with amusement. Is not her attempt at inclusionary judgment and direct address toward gender imbalance in institutions something to be applauded? Hopefully this is exactly how she is received when presenting ‘Girl Genius: redressing gender imbalance’, alongside Tess Allas, Director of Indigenous Programs College of Fine Arts and Design UNSW, at Sydney College of the Arts (SCA), on the 24th October 2014. Maura Reilly, Professor and Chair of Art Theory at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and writer of ‘Curatorial Activism and Ethical Responsibility’ is also presenting a ‘Masterclass – Curating Feminism conference’ the discovery of whom ‘helped buoy our confidence that something was not quite right’.

Tess has begun work with Miranda’s observations and redress of ‘the gender imbalance that exists at an institutional level’ as a departure point and ‘through a multifaceted ongoing project and a series of panel discussions, publications and exhibitions over the coming years we hope to begin a frank and open dialogue about the issues surrounding this imbalance.’

Marie Sierra, Deputy Dean & Head of School judged the award alongside Miranda and the other cash endorsements for prize funds came from Tess and Miranda, Penelope Benton, UNSW MFA candidate and Manager of Arc@UNSW Art & Design, Lisa Havilah-Director of Carriageworks, Dr. Kim Snepvangers-Program Director of Art Education, Associate Professor Joanna Mendelsson and Ms Rebecca Nicholson.


Yao Zhang, United horses for the year of the horse

The criteria for the award was simple; ‘a heartbreaking work of staggering girl genius’. The judging notes read, ‘We intended to have just one recipient of the award this year, but were completely captivated by two genius female entries so we’ve split the prize into one main winner, and a highly commended’. The only artwork from the printmaking discipline within the Kudos Award thankfully received a ‘Highly Commended’ and cash prize which was awarded to Yao Zhang for, United Horses for the year of horse’ (2014) for the ‘surreal nature of the imagery together with the superior technical rendering, and scale of the etching made this a standout’.


Claudia Nicholson, Baby I would climb the Andes

First Prize, cash prize and trophy went to Claudia Nicholson for ‘Baby I would climb the Andes’ an artwork of some high esteem. Claudia was recently chosen by 4A’s Visual Arts Advisory committee as one of only two Australian artists selected for the 2014 Bejing Studio Program at the studios of Chinese-Australian artist Shen Shaomin. She is also the current artist in residency at Firstdraft gallery and is a regular at Gaffa, Sydney. The judgment notes reading as, ‘Claudia uses cultural signifiers to explore identity politics and belonging. Her work offers a refreshing addition to the dialogues around this subject matter.

Girl Genius will no doubt take off to dizzying heights in its honorable search for equality in the arts with proud supporters actively jumping on board as honestly, who wouldn’t want to?

Resource Links;

See the below link for the Girl Genius and other Master-classes alongside the Curating Feminism Conference, program of events;

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All About Balance


Please feel free to view (by appointment) a selection of prints which are ‘All about Balance’. When I obtain an end date for this show I will update this blog entry. Please see below for some installation shots. Though if your a printmaker or enthusiast, you understand that there is nothing like getting up close to a hand made print.


Above, are four drypoint etchings with A la poupee with chine colle accents in gold. Translation; I scratched an image into plastic for many hours, then I inked up several colours on each plate to print all colours at once and whilst I did this I pasted a gold rice paper onto the paper along with the print.

A lot of people ask why I have chosen to include gold in these and other images within my counterbalance series. Its a fair question, the gold rice paper does stand out as flat somewhat cumbersome shapes, however this was all intentional. At the time of making this series I was desperately trying to balance life, study and early motherhood. I was in my second year of a Diploma of Fine Arts at Nepean TAFE (Kingswood) and although I knew what I was doing was important as foundational steps in all aspects of life, I really saw my poverty and reliance on family for lower rental fees as a weight. The gold represents my struggle for wealth though the right way…the long way…through education and sheer determination.

Also worth noting is the form these gold shapes take…flattened tissue box shapes and openings….this is a recurring motif that my work won’t escape for some time to come and has been with me now for almost four years and counting.


These two drypoints are printed in a burgandy/black and are lovely in their stripped back quality. The etching is clearer without colourful interjections and there is a nice atmospheric rubbing/erasure of ink in parts.


This is undoubtedly the etching of the series…I kind of hope it doesn’t sell. A year’s worth of work, countless finished prints…comes down to this one work.


The print on the right was extremely popular at my solo show at Sassafras Creek, Kurrajong 2013. Its sister print sold and another buyer was interested at the time…The two frames on the left are newer works. They have been exhibited at the Nepean Alumni show earlier this year and reflect my new directional focus on facial tissues and wine..though there are also keepsakes present in this work…in gold.


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