(OPENING NIGHT) WED 5 NOV 6-8PM ‘BOUND’ @ Chrissie Cotter Gallery

04 Nov


The Chrissie Cotter Gallery is located in Pidcock Street, Camperdown (see map below), next to the Camperdown Bowling Club. Since 1996, Marrickville Council has provided the gallery to individuals and organisations for exhibitions and cultural events.

Cotter Flier

Chrissie Cotter & Monster Mouse present: Bound

5 November – 16 November

Bound will showcase some of the many talented artists involved in Monster Mouse Studios.
The Exhibition will weave together their responses to what it is to be bound. Tied into this will be curated parts of our program running in the Gallery space to expose the diverse range of activities that bring people into the knot at Monster Mouse.

Participation in the local community will be encouraged through our yoga classes, film screenings and workshops from Thursday to Sunday.

  • Gallery hours: Thursday to Sunday, 11am–5pm
  • Opening night: Wednesday 5 November, 6–8pm
  • Email:
  • Or search for Monster Mouse Studios on Facebook for more details.

The Work: “Telegraphic Collaboration” 2014 – ongoing.
Telegraphy requires that the method used for encoding a message be known to both sender and receiver and as artists inherently understand visual language, I have collaborated with an artist whom I have met and approached/pitched the idea to (current collaboration), and a number of unknown artists from other cultures (ongoing). These two different approaches explore an interest in the absence of person to person interaction. The original work by me (Katherine Kennedy) is a puzzle complete with hidden messages and can be re-assembled to emphasise its original design or mashed to focus in on a particular element, the recipient limited only by his or her own creativity. However the degree to which changes can be made varies from full access privileges (current collaboration) as opposed to following strict instructions (global interaction) which dictates no changes can be made to the surface of the existing prints.

10687411_10203005924769554_7695113735254395711_o 10703823_10203005936889857_4767200285629290876_n 10704375_10203005922889507_2708321471319433381_o

Collaboration with Thomas Michael Rae
The current approach involves, Thomas Michael Rae, UNSW Art & Design 2011 graduate. He has been provided with a complete package full of finished printed postcards, envelopes, twine and other packaging related papers. He has full access to alter this completed work in any way to arrange or improve them to his satisfaction. Notions of trust, chance and flirtation are hereby explored as are the boundaries of a ‘virtual’ or superficial knowledge of a person as opposed to what is learned in-person. It is the outcome of this exchange which informs this proposal to Monster Mouse & Chrissie Cotter Gallery with Thomas’s changes to my work to be displayed as the finished piece.

Still interested?….read on;

Telegraphic Collaboration considers the postcard and its functionality in a global sense and particularly the impacts of telegraphy upon both the land (in a connectivity sense) and also human emotions (emphasising this and other forms of disembodied communication). The postcards juxtapose past and contemporary imagery with a distinctive nostalgic aesthetic. This archival aesthetic will be interjected by familiar emoticons which frequent social media to express human emotion and will be positioned as postcard stamp and a general layer.

1606385_10203035931799711_5552841428747305705_o  PCARD  10708702_10203035928479628_7394813758267164601_o

There is much more contextual information which goes with this project…but if it goes well…I can use that later on in a book once I have all of the collaborative images back from overseas.

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