Introducing Hawkesbury Regional Gallery!

31 Mar

I have decided to introduce the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery (HRG) to my blog following…if there is one! This gallery is still somewhat unknown to a large number of people whom I have met in my artistic meanderings so I thought it best to create a virtual tour to introduce you to a gallery which is close to my heart. Please feel free to add your comments and photographs of your interaction with this great gallery in the comment feed below.
I have been a volunteer at HRG (when possible) for almost three years now. What attracted me to this gallery in the first instance was the curation of various shows in 2011-2012 by Diana Robson. Diana is now the Director of Hawkesbury Regional Gallery.

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery: Derrubin Centre

Hawkesbury Regional Gallery: Derrubin Centre

Virtual Field Trip
The Hawkesbury Regional Gallery (HRG) is located at 300 George Street, Windsor, New South Wales in the top floor of the Derrubin Centre above Hawkesbury Library and is governed by Hawkesbury City Council. This gallery is deserving of the title ‘regional’ as the Hawkesbury is host to rural and farming landscapes, the Hawkesbury – Nepean Rivers, historical buildings and the usual contemporary built up areas. The Hawkesbury Art Collection reflects the picturesque nature of this location through artistic groups and societies such as The Windsor Group and The Macquarie Towns Art Society and is in excess of some 300 unique works.

The Windsor Group includes significant Australian artists such as; Maude Burrell, Bruce Burns, Maud Cannon (Kemp), Jim Davies, Marjorie Edwards (Manning), Laurie Elbourne, Dave Horne, Max Osborn, Roderick Shaw, Maurice McDonald and Fred Leist.

The regional art works acquired have been largely through the ‘Macquarie Towns Acquisitive Art Exhibition’ circa 1975 to 1994. However there have been some significant contributions such as Mr A E Cleary, who ‘gifted to the people of Hawkesbury approximately 80 paintings and prints including works by Donald Friend, Lloyd Rees, Arthur Boyd, Clifton Pugh, Norman Lindsay and Lance Solomon. Another generous patron and benefactor is the distinguished artist, Salvatore Zofrea OAM, who has donated a number of portraits’ and a large landscape of the natural local bushland at Wisemans Ferry, ‘Psalm 61 (verse 2): for my father, 2006’ which is currently publically available in the Library beneath HRG.

The exhibition calendar year of 2015 kicked off with ‘Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane?’ until the 8th February. This was followed by the installation of ‘Ken and Julia Yonetani: The Last Supper’ which is complimented by ‘Painting from Papunya Tula Artists which completed 29th March. Following this exhibition is ‘Laura Jones: Still Life’ alongside a ‘David Lawrey & Jaki Middleton Survey between 10th April and 24th May. Hawkesbury’s own Art Fair will be on show between 29th May and 14th June after which ‘BigCi’ will have the spotlight during the 19th June to the 2nd August. ‘Remain in Light: Photography from the MCA Collections’, 7th August to 4th October is followed by the second last exhibition of 2015, Colours of the Country III – The Alice Springs Beanie Festival 9th October to 29th November….and yes I did just write Beanie Festival! The finale being aptly named ‘Work, Rest and Play’ starts 4th December and closes 7th February 2016.


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