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Core Void – 2015 (third year)

_DSC1848Artist Book: one work comprised of two parts, each a seperately bound (un-jacketed) book.
Installation: Can be installed in a number of ways
Printmaking: Collograph, etching, aquatint, chine colle, red wine and coffee
Title: TBA however it might be…’emotional void’
/ ‘Core Void’. I would love your ideas for a title.
















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Today’s Coffee Collagraphic workshop with Katherine Kennedy





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Sculpture at Scenic World: 15 April -10 May 2015

Sculpture at Scenic World
15 April – 10 May 2015

The Sculpture at Scenic World installation team are currently preparing the 2015 exhibition of outdoor sculptural artworks which are scattered along the walkway of Katoomba’s own moss carpeted ‘Jurassic Rainforest’. No less than 31 unique works are included in this upcoming event with each artist’s creative response tailored to the site where their work is installed. Visitors will take from this event what they will however in my preview, interconnections of a visual, metaphoric or literal nature were most pervasive and this is an exhibition I will add to my calendar year after year henceforth.
The first indication of interconnectedness is experienced straight off the cable car in Irene Anton’s installation ‘Intervention Invading Network – net no. 45’ 2015. Anton’s work ‘reflects on themes of globalization’ and indeed stockings and Styrofoam are items which can be acquired anywhere. Anton’s installation of these items is truly amazing and a great start to the walkway sculpture experience.

Linking artworks and their makers to altogether different works of art experienced elsewhere for me, provokes further enjoyment and Waiheke Islands Headland Sculpture on the Gulf has provided fertile ground for such observations. It is these kinds of visual relations that allow the viewer to feel united to the work, the artist and ultimately the event with this recognition performing as an act of engagement. Artists I feel share a dialogue are Scenic World’s Greer Taylor with Headland’s Gaye Jurasich, Scenic World’s Deborah Redwood with Headland’s Jeff Thompson alongside Audrey Boyle and Scenic Worlds Elyssa Sykes – Smith with Headland’s Gregor Kregar to name a few.

Greer Taylor, 'Reciprocity' (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Greer Taylor, ‘Reciprocity’ (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Follow this link to Gaye Jurisich, Installations;

Deborah Redwood, 'Sacred Vines' (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Deborah Redwood, ‘Sacred Vines’ (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Audrey Boyle (top left and bottom right), 'The Knot not and the not now' (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Audrey Boyle (top left and bottom right), ‘The Knot not and the not now’ (2015), photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Jeff Thompson, 'Reef Knot', photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Jeff Thompson, ‘Reef Knot’, photo credit: Katherine Kennedy

Elyssa Sykes Smith, 'A Canopy of Thoughts (2015), photo credits: Katherine Kennedy

Elyssa Sykes Smith, ‘A Canopy of Thoughts (2015), photo credits: Katherine Kennedy

Follow this link to, Gregor Kregar’s Pavilion Structure,
Exhibition coordinator for Sculpture at Scenic World, Jon Pritchard, has observed some lovely trends or connections over the years and he explains; ‘I have definitely noticed some visual and conceptual linkages between previous year’s exhibitions regarding specific sites along the walkway. Sometimes this can be seen as environmental concerns, the history of the site or the general architecture of the place whether it be natural or built. There are parallels to be seen in the responses of exhibiting artists which grows stronger each year’.

Left: Jon Pritchard, Middle: Marina Grasso and right: Justin Morrissey

Left: Jon Pritchard, Middle: Marina Grasso and right: Justin Morrissey

One of the missions of Scenic World is ‘to create the unforgettable’ and that’s exactly what Public Program’s officer, Marina Grasso has established with an informal series of artists talks (included with ticket purchase) located at the site of each artwork at Scenic World’s rainforest Walkway. Marina explains ‘it’s really one of those experiences that you come away with as a launch-pad for something else creatively or personally. It’s the active engagement element that makes the experience all that more special’. Public Guided Tours (included with ticket purchase) by Scenic World’s exhibition staff and Sculpture for Small People 2015 Workshops are also available and actually taught by the 2015 exhibiting artists for only $10. For bookings please call 02 47800245 or
Sculpture at Scenic World is now in its fourth year only this time it has a threefold exhibition format. New Exhibition Manager, Justin Morrissey has extended the event to incorporate other locations within the township of Katoomba such as Metalheads to be displayed at pivotal Katoomba sites including the Carrington Hotel, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and the Scenic World forecourt. Also new is the incorporation of an indoor component of Sculpture at Scenic World with Sculpture Otherwise, an exhibition of smaller works by the exhibiting artists showing at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre’s main gallery space from 6pm Friday 17 April.
For more information about this event, follow the link below!
For more information about New Zealand’s Headland Sculpture on the Gulf, follow the link below!

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John Rice ‘Sunlight & Shadow’: Upcoming exhibition at Sassafras Creek Food & Design

John Rice painting from The Terraces

Sassafras Creek Food and Design recently and enthusiastically invited established local artist, John Rice to present a solo exhibition of his recent landscape and scenic paintings. John Rice is an energetic outdoor painter who works almost exclusively in oils and is stimulated by the strong light of the Australian landscape.

Upon invitation John was particularly inspired by the prospect of responding to the Hawkesbury and Nepean districts and expanding on his visual navigation of these locals to The Central West. He enjoys painting the landscape from life, “en plein air”, and engages in regular painting trips to country locations. John lives in the village of Mulgoa on the western fringes of Sydney which provides a lot for an artist to digest both aesthetically and culturally as a central location for the Hawkesbury, Blue Mountains and Sydney.

John will present works from these various locals in his first exhibition with Sassafras Creek Food & Design, in the picturesque Kurrajong Village, off Bells Line of Road in Hawkesbury, New South Wales. His show, aptly named ‘Sunlight and Shadow’ will be open for viewing between, 8th May to 19th June, 2015 and will be officially opened by the artist himself 17th May 2015 so come along to meet John between 3 and 5pm at this inaugural event.

The restaurant is open Tuesday to Thursday 9-4, Friday Saturday Sunday 9-5, Friday and Saturday nights – Dinner from 6.30. As this exhibition features local leisure spots in scenes such as ‘Bathers in the Grose River’, this solo show will no doubt be well received indeed.

Bathers in the Grose River

John has won many awards for his artworks and has held eleven very successful solo exhibitions and numerous joint exhibitions. He has works in private collections throughout Australia and abroad and is an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society. John has almost forty years teaching experience and conducts regular workshops and demonstrations at his studio and for local art societies.

John Rice_send Meaghan_V2

Examples of John’s work can be seen at:
Follow John on Facebook at:
Sassafras Creek Food & Design Website:
Sassafras Creek Food & Design Facebook:

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