Core Void – 2015 (third year)

24 Apr

_DSC1848Artist Book: one work comprised of two parts, each a seperately bound (un-jacketed) book.
Installation: Can be installed in a number of ways
Printmaking: Collograph, etching, aquatint, chine colle, red wine and coffee
Title: TBA however it might be…’emotional void’
/ ‘Core Void’. I would love your ideas for a title.
















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2 responses to “Core Void – 2015 (third year)

  1. starrybird

    April 26, 2015 at 08:36

    Nicely textural and polymorphic… or something!

    • Katherine Kennedy

      May 27, 2015 at 08:36

      Wow! This is the definition I found of Polymorphic on Wiki:

      Genetic polymorphism is the simultaneous occurrence in the same locality of two or more discontinuous forms in such proportions that the rarest of them cannot be maintained just by recurrent mutation or immigration, originally defined by Ford (1940).

      This is an interesting reading of the work. Thank you for your comment! They are same-but-different forms which work well together. They were actually intended for another book-form originally but there was some poetry in the page assembly and this is the outcome. I am now producing completely new prints for the original concept (book)


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