Fantasy Asia: International Exchange Exhibition

10 Jun

Tuesday June 23 : 6pm – 8pm

AD Space UNSW Art and Design

Fantasy Asia Project Silk Screen print Katherine Kennedy

Fantasy Asia Project
Silk Screen print
Katherine Kennedy

The below project rationale was written by Rebecca O’shea

The Fantasy Asia portfolio is an international exchange project between the University of New South Wales Australia Art & Design (UNSW Art & Design) and Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Pakistan (IVS), which features the work of both students and staff from each school.

The impetus for the project was developed by a mutual interest in both institutions furthering international cultural connections. This offered an inspiring opportunity for an aesthetic dialogue, expressed through a range of printmaking disciplines reflecting a spectrum of approaches, where the hand of the artist is applied with equal value for traditional techniques, as well as those of newer technologies.

This project practically and symbolically brings Pakistan and Australia closer, using our artistic and cultural connections to strengthen and expand bonds of respect and friendship. The artists of the Fantasy Asia portfolio, collectively, have assembled a dynamic body of work, communicating an exchange in vision, ideas and concepts. In the late Associate Professor, Ussman Ghauri’s words, there is ‘an immense, hands-on pleasure in Printmaking, in exploring and sharing the mediums myriad possibilities.’ (2012, Foreword, Box Print Portfolio)


Shahana Afaq
Ezbah Ali
Noreen Barkat Ali
Taha Istahsan Ali
Maryam Arslan
Angela Butler
Daniel Chant
McKenzie Gledhill
Saba Iqbal
Rabeya Jalil
Michael Kempson
Katherine Kennedy
Nurayah Sheikh Nabi
Fatima Nadeem
Jack Nibbs
Jason Phu
Ben Rak
Maliha Saleem
Keenan Thornton
Olivia Wilson


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