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Linda Swinfield: Photo Lithography workshop @ Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc.


Rescheduled Workshop for 22nd and 23rd of August
Join us for a two day workshop experimenting with contemporary photographic Lithography processes using Offset Lithography plates. This process will enable participants to marry other media including all traditional printmaking processes.
Participants will be shown variety of hand drawn and photographic techniques. They will be assisted with the exposure, development and hand printing of their work. This course is open to all skill levels from printmaking beginners to advanced; however some knowledge of printmaking processes would be helpful but not essential.

Want to learn photographic lithography?

Linda Swinfield really is one of those rare finds with a seemingly endless repertoire of skill sets. One such talent is the teaching of others and she selflessly gives of her own knowledge and years of experimentation and arts practice again in the upcoming photo lithography workshop to be held at Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Inc.

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Please follow this link to the workshop details (pdf) and follow all instructions within. Hurry…there are limited spaces.

Two Day Photo Lithography 2015

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CORE & Obscura Australian printmakers and Damien Orriss at Waiheke Community Art Gallery

CORE & Obscura Australian printmakers and Damien Orriss at Waiheke Community Art Gallery
CORE: Exhibition View

CORE: Exhibition View

CORE: Exhibition view

CORE: Exhibition view

CORE: Exhibition View

CORE: Exhibition View

CORE: Exhibition View

CORE: Exhibition View

Linda Swinfield, 'Belly Series'

Rafael Butron, ‘Our Lady of Hope’ and Linda Swinfield, ‘Belly Series’

Olivia Wilson, 'Pace'

Olivia Wilson, ‘Pace’

Olivia Wilson, 'Pace'

Olivia Wilson, ‘Pace’

model with Olivia Wilson's, 'Pace' in the background

model with Olivia Wilson’s, ‘Pace’ in the background

Lindsay, Graham, Katherine, Linda, Kym, Jeanine

Lindsay, Graham, Katherine, Linda, Kym, Jeanine

Jeanine Clarkin posing with Vernon Ah Kee's, 'Abhoriginal'

Jeanine Clarkin posing with Vernon Ah Kee’s, ‘Abhoriginal’

Journalist and artist Alex Stone and Katherine Kennedy

Journalist and artist Alex Stone and Katherine Kennedy

Annika Romeyn and friends posing with Annika's, 'Flux' and 'Spiral'.

Annika Romeyn and friends posing with Annika’s, ‘Flux’ and ‘Spiral’.


Katherine Kennedy and Annika Romeyn

Katherine Kennedy and Annika Romeyn

Annika Romeyn with her lithographs, 'Flux' and 'Spiral'

Annika Romeyn with her lithographs, ‘Flux’ and ‘Spiral’

Damien Orriss, 'Obscura'

Damien Orriss, ‘Obscura’

Katherine Kennedy, 'Coaster Concertina'

Katherine Kennedy, ‘Coaster Concertina’

Ben Rak, Perceive Conceive Series, 'Hula Bobble B&W #2' & 'Hula Bobble B&W #1'

Ben Rak, Perceive Conceive Series, ‘Hula Bobble B&W #2’ & ‘Hula Bobble B&W #1’

Jet James, 'Deconstructing Self'

Jet James, ‘Deconstructing Self’

Rew Hanks, 'Peaches and Cream'

Rew Hanks, ‘Peaches and Cream’


Weekend Heralds: New Zealand (July 18, 2015)

Art Matters: ‘Tight – Knit band pushing limits’ by Nick Atkinson

This is an amazing write up for CORE, an exhibition of Australian printmakers now showing at Waiheke Community Art Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. CORE ends, 17th August 2015.

Rew Hanks, 'Rabbit Pie', lino-cut.

Rew Hanks, ‘Rabbit Pie’, lino-cut.

Please click on this link to open the pdf!



Waiheke Weekender: Cover Article 16 July 2015

Waiheke Weekender scan

Core Creativity by Alex Stone









Summer Internship: Cultural Engagement

Summer Internship: Cultural Engagement

Internship: Abstract

During my residency in New Zealand I visited a number of galleries and cultural centres including but not limited to my host gallery on Waiheke Island, Devonport’s; Flagstaff Gallery, The Depot and Library, Auckland City’s; Auckland Art Gallery – Toi o Tāmaki, Auckland War Memorial Museum, Gow Langsford Galleries (Lorne and Kitchener Streets), Parnell’s own; Parnell Gallery, Artis Gallery, International Art Centre and Pierre Peeters Gallery. Of these galleries, both Parnell Gallery and Flagstaff had a fantastic print collection, which introduced me to New Zealand’s top printmakers reminding me of my first arts passion. Thoughts regarding the situation of (my own predominantly print and sculptural) works were triggered and inevitable with an overabundance of bronze pieces experienced during my stay. This culminated in my strongest mixed media work, Coaster Concertina, a book-form for exhibition in CORE, New Zealand (July, 2015). Although the scales and formats of exhibition were incredibly diverse during my residency, my passions for metal casting and printmaking were ignited. I viewed works within institutions, public and commercial spaces, outdoor event showings and street art all of which, however large or small, inspired me. This residency has contributed to my own practice the fruits of which will be ongoing.


Katherine Kennedy, Coaster Concertina: Book form (2015)

Internship: Waiheke Community Art Gallery

During summer 2015, I undertook an eight week intensive Internship placement (Monday 5th January to Saturday 28th February) at Waiheke Community Art Gallery (WCAG), New Zealand. WCAG is situated on a 9,324 hectare picturesque Island (36 square miles), via a 45 minute ferry ride from Auckland Metro. WCAG enjoys a high level of patronage as its large visitor numbers reflect its status as a popular and picturesque holiday destination. Further to this, Headland Sculpture on the Gulf, a biennial event (installed on the Matiatia walkway), as hosted by WCAG, was scheduled at the time of my internship and thus formed a large portion of my program. I project managed the preparation and installation of the ‘Pavilion Gallery’ sculptural art works (open 7 days a week) for Headland (2015) and produced countless high-res photographs of public program events, artworks, artists, locals and scenery. These images were used in various media publications both online and printed and formed a blog visual mapping of my New Zealand experience (K. Kennedy 2015).

Internship: Exhibitions

Working closely with gallery Director Linda Chalmers, I also assisted in the facilitation of exhibitions (5 weekly show rotation) in the main gallery, review and design of upcoming exhibitions and public programs, assisted in writing exhibition ‘stories’ in preparation for press releases for a number of exhibitions. As a gesture of good faith and our ongoing professional relationship, the gallery awarded me two spaces in the gallery for two exhibitions to curate later this year. One, a printmaking exhibition is themed; ‘CORE’ and a smaller annex space will feature Australian digital artist, Damien Orriss and his video installation, Obscura.

Obscura 1-up Core 1-up

The upcoming themed exhibition of prints will introduce Australian established and emerging artists of my selection to Waiheke. ‘CORE’ will take place in 17 July – 17 August 2015 at WCAG. Artists, in supplying or producing the work for this project, are asked to interpret the theme in any way they want – relative to scale, medium, preferences and the exhibition selection and submission criteria. I approached Arc for a grant for this event on the basis of actively promoting one selected postgraduate student Olivia Wilson. A detail of Olivia’s print ‘Pace’ will advertise the exhibition in the upcoming Imprint Magazine, Winter edition. I was awarded a partial payment by Arc to assist in the costs of flights for the upcoming show. This grant application will help in my ongoing arts practice.

Intership: Outcomes

Aptitudes as both an industry professional and artist were simultaneously increased. New proficiencies enhanced my skills base with profits to studies and professional practice upon return home. Exposure to a ‘cluster of cultural production’ provided crucial learning outcomes and introduced a diverse array of art and arts practitioners (SART 3800 PDF, 2015). An increase in administrative, marketing and publicity abilities ensued alongside furthering photographic and multi-tasking skills. These transferable outcomes are required to conduct oneself competently as an artist. Also significant was the inevitable stimulation gained from viewing, installing and otherwise handling artworks and daily liaisons with professional artists. This residency enhanced my appreciation for sculptural forms and promoted reflection upon my own (predominantly print) practice, its situation now and where I could take it henceforth.

Upon arrival to WCAG, take-in for the imminent exhibition Close to the Heart was underway. Artworks were photographed, catalogued and promoted and exhibition labels and wall texts deployed. This was a crash course in the gallery administrative systems. These exchangeable skills are also required to conduct a creative business in art-object documentation, exhibition and curation of my own arts practice.

Internship: Installations

During installation of Close to the heart, I personally assisted ceramic artist E.M. Mertens with her three installations of delicate wall pinned (slip cast) porcelain and ceramics. I learned invaluable hands on complex fine art installation skills and the possibilities of wall based designs for my own practice spring boarding my recent interest in ‘print-as-installation’. I also watched L. Chalmers closely and asked questions to learn decision processes and curatorial rationale for the placement of works for the broader Close to the Heart exhibition arrangement. These observations were immediately beneficial upon return to third year university for the course ‘Curating Art and Exhibitions’. Also significant is the germinating notions of interrelatedness between my own practice potentials regarding print-as-installation, curatorial activities generally and print-as-object (as Close to the Heart was largely object based).

Self Portrait in front of E.M Mertens, GUST (2015)

Self Portrait in front of E.M Mertens, GUST (2015)

On the topic of installation; artist Gaye Jurisich built a suspended installation in the annex (small square space – Where Obscura will be featured in July), They all Fall Down (2015). This work also left a visual imprint for potentials within my own print-as-installation goals.

Gaye Jurisich, They all fall down (2015)

Gaye Jurisich, They all fall down (2015)

Internship: Headland Sculpture on the Gulf

The summer of 2015 was especially ubiquitous with the highest numbers of viewer participants attracted to the island for the seventh Headland event (in excess of 40,000 and highest sales to date), established through WCAG and managed by Headland board members and subsidiaries. The Pavilion Gallery exhibited maquettes of the Matiatia walkway works and a selection of invited works by predominantly New Zealand high profile artists.

Sculptural works were universally experienced not only at the Headland walkway and Pavilion Gallery but WCAG exhibitions, Oneroa village, Waiheke (had several galleries and outdoor sculptures) and Auckland was also host to street installations of bronze works. This prompted enrolement into (SART2842) Metal Casting, the forming of a relationship with a local foundry here in Sydney and the production of a print-as-object work which consists of a print on paper book-form with bronze book jackets (Coaster Concertina). I look forward to producing more bronze works and working with Crawford’s Casting in Sydney.

Paul Radford (3)

Paul Radford, 3 sculptures made from Waiheke sourced driftwood

This residency has been crucial for situating my work within spaces like WCAG and indeed begins with Coaster Concertina’s inclusion in the upcoming CORE exhibition for July this year.

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CORE & OBSCURA INVITATIONS: Waiheke Community Art Gallery

Core 1-up

Obscura 1-up