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Thanks to Photographer and Zine maker extraordinaire, Robert Musgrave, we have our very own IDENTIFY zine!

Now this publication is not to be confused with an exhibition catalog as this will be separately provided within the exhibition space, listing the complete array of works on show. This zine is however a lovely insight and introduction to the artists and their varied responses to theme and of course some art-work-teasers.

IDENTIFY is an exhibition of printmaking and ceramics but with a few surprises in store for those who visit the show at Monster Mouse Studio, Maud Lane, Marrickville. IDENTIFY officially opens at 6pm Sunday 27th September by guest speaker and printmaker, Michael Kempson.


If you want your own copy of this zine, simply save this file to your own computer, open and print it double sided and in colour, fold and staple!

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IDENTIFY: Performance by Stella Chen

“The vessel of nature”, Stella Chen (2015), performance and ceramics

Taiwanese born painter, printmaker and ceramicist, Stella Chen is serious about her craft/(s). When asked if she has a preparation ritual before a performance, Chen explained, in real-time, as she is currently preparing for an exhibition opening (6pm, Sunday 27th September) for IDENTIFY (27th to 30th September at Monster Mouse Studios, Marrickville);

I am actually on a detox program to prepare my body for the performance. As a performance artist, it is only ethical for me to utilise my body in its best form without any distraction, especially food. There were four full days without any solid food, and then I allow myself to consume some plain biscuits.

Although this seems particularly disciplined and insular, Chen follows a classic Chinese epistemology, whereby ‘each person’s self-awareness was based upon a holistic understanding of the world, which was structured as an interactive relationship between humanity and nature (tianren heyi 天人合一)’ (Stanford 2014). Here Chen understands ‘nature’ as “our bodies as vessels for the food we consume. In its purest form, food comes from the earth and embodies all its goodness and imperfections. We become what we eat; our bodies are vessels that contain nature itself” (Chen 2015). Refer again to the mentioned epistemology and suddenly an exploration of food consumption is the perfect anecdote for a philosophy where, ‘the unity of all cosmic beings was seen in terms of the organismic and dynamic wholeness of nature and society’ (Stanford 2014). Chen summarises this as ‘how we go about our lives, our interaction with nature and in particular our sources of food, forms the very essence of our being’.

IDENTIFY merges printmaking and ceramics in an expanded field, featuring, installations, audio-visual, 2D and 3D prints and Chen’s performance, The Vessel of Nature. Chen will be introduced at the official opening of IDENTIFY by Michael Kempson, Director of Cicada Press and Course Convenor of Printmaking University of New South Wales Art & Design, Sunday 27th September at 6pm. Chen was also recently selected and shown at Gaffa for the Yen Female Art Award 2015. See this link for further details;

Stanford Encyclopeadea of philosophy 2014, The Metaphysics Research Lab, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University, accessed 19 September 2015,

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Featured article: CORE & IDENTIFY

Arcadia: ARC, UNSW Student Life @ ART & DESIGN. (Article written by Lucinda Davison)

Arcadia: ARC, UNSW Student Life @ ART & DESIGN. (Article written by Lucinda Davison)

This article assembled by Lucinda Davison, checks in on the ‘granted’ CORE exhibition event at Waiheke Community Art Gallery, July to August 2015. As I had an application in at the time of the interview for this piece, Davison mentioned the upcoming IDENTIFY exhibition to be held at Monster Mouse, Marrickville NSW as well. IDENTIFY has since received a contribution as well!

IDENTIFY official invitation

IDENTIFY official invitation




IDENTIFY OFFICIAL OPENING: 6pm Sunday 27 September 2015

EXHIBITION DURATION: 26 to 30 September 2015

GALLERY OPEN: 10am to 4pm daily

Monster Mouse Studios (Cypher Gallery)
21 Gerald Street Marrickville
(Entry via Maud Lane)

Maud Lane – Gallery Main Entry


Want to meet the artists outside of the crazy opening night madness?

Want to meet the artists outside of the crazy opening night madness?

Incoming schedule of times the artists themselves will be at Monster Mouse

Michael Kempson, accessed 8 September 2015,

Image: Michael Kempson, accessed 8 September 2015,

Michael Kempson,
Course Conveynor Printmaking and
Director of Cicada Press


The following artists have been selected to feature as Printmakers in the upcoming exhibition IDENTIFY from both the University of New South Wales Art and Design (UNSW) student body and Hawkesbury Printmakers Incorporated (HPI).

Doug Schofield (UNSW)
Franz Anthony (UNSW)
Joy Creed (HPI)
Kata Komlos (UNSW)
Laura Perrit (UNSW)
Mellissa Read-Devine (HPI)
Negin Chahoud (HPI)                                                                                                       Nick Santoro (UNSW)
Olivia Wilson (UNSW)
Rachael Prosser (UNSW)
Rinaldo Hartanto (UNSW)
Sarah Bradbury (UNSW)
Sheila Sharp (HPI)
Ulla Abildgaard (HPI)

“The vessel of nature”, Stella Chen (2015), performance and ceramics

The following ceramic artists have been selected to feature in IDENTIFY
Linda Seiffert (Blue Mountains, NSW established artist)
Sarah Frances Bradbury (UNSW)
Shiling Wu (UNSW)
Stella Chen (UNSW)
Be sure to come along to the opening on Sunday 27 September for live and recorded performances from this four of exceptional artists exploring contemporary ceramics in an expanded field.

Exhibition Premise
IDENTIFY will feature established and emerging Australian artists, students and hobbyists in the fields of expanded ceramics and printmaking from within the University of New South Wales Art and Design (UNSW) student body, Hawkesbury Printmakers Inc (HPI) members and a Blue Mountains based ceramicist. The intention behind merging communities set apart both geographically (however within NSW) and professionally (student, emerging, established, hobbyist) exists out of curator Katherine Kennedy’s relations with both locals and peoples and the desire to see them benefit one another via exchange.

The selected artists, in response to the theme IDENTIFY, have submitted diverse works with two and three dimensional printmaking, suspended ceramics,  a live performance on opening night by Stella Chen, “The vessel of nature”, a recorded musical performance and physical installation by Shiling Wu, “Throwing notes” and an introductory speech by leading Australian (and world renowned) printmaker and UNSW Art and Design faculty member, Michael Kempson.

By including both the honorable guest speaker and performance in the opening night and exhibition program, this ‘prompts meetings and invites appointments, managing its own temporal structure’ and emphasizes ‘the growing importance of the opening as part of the exhibition program’ (Bourriaud 1998, p. 30). So do please come along and enjoy the ephemeral/fleeting nature that such an event produces.


Bourriaud, N 1998, Relational aesthetics: foreword, accessed 17 August 2015,
p. 30)