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Term 1: 2017 Class Bulletin

Kids, Teens and Adult classes depend on enrolments

Please follow the link below to enrol. Prices will be made available asap:


Mondays (4-5.30pm) – Classes commence 27th February 2017

10yrs +”Spatial Visualization: Drawing and Painting”

Brief: This class is designed to encourage construction as a departure point for drawing and painting. The resultant work will include 3D and 2D elements beginning with box studies and extending to stick/branch structures formed with string.

Tuesdays (4-5.30pm) –

6yrs + “Ceramics: Vessels & Trestles”

Brief: This class includes individual and group outcomes. It combines multiple elements extending to suspension, winding, vessel sculpting or building with extra work encouraged for combination with the teen ceramic class for a future combined project. All participating students will be named and informed if the final work is included in an art-prize or exhibition.

Tuesdays (6-8pm) –

13yrs + “Ceramics: Spatial Visualization”

Brief: This class aims to prepare participants for thinking about ceramic items as sculpture and installation further to the mere functionality of the built or sculpted object. There will be individual and group projects working quickly to produce group work and carefully to make individual pieces. The 6+ ceramic classwork will be combined with the 13+ classwork to perform as an installation at a future event. All participants will be named and informedĀ  if the final work is included in an art-prize or exhibition.

Wednesdays (4-5.30pm) –

6+ “Mixed Bag: Relief Installation”

Brief: Children will undertake a variety of image making workshops on differing surfaces though all exactly the same dimensions. These squares will be installed on the wall to build an overall image over the weeks for which each child will have participated in a group project. The project will be dismantled at the end of term and all outcomes will go home after the final week.

Wednesdays (10-1pm) – Course duration: 4 Weeks between, 6th-27th March

16+ ADULT “Printmaking: Intaglio & Relief”

Brief: This course uses the silhouetted portrait combined with patterns similar to the cameo or much more contemporary depending on each participating artist. Fluctuating between the background and foreground of the subject, artists will produce a final work after the initial three week workshops. Workshops will feature wall-paper plate making and printing and more.

Please supply the following materials: Student quality intaglio inks (smallest tubes) in Black and at least one other colour. BFK Rives or cheaper intaglio printmaking paper. Thin sheet of uncoloured clear plastic. Masking tape, Packing tape.

Weekend Printmaking Workshop – (Saturday and Sunday 18-19th March) 10am – 3pm

16+ ADULT “Printmaking: Intaglio & Relief”

Brief: This workshop supports the 4 week course outline above. It is a condensed version of this class. Ideally, the class will be made up of students undertaking the intensive class held on Wednesdays and newcomers.

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