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BigCi Artist Residency – Duly Priced Drink


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Key dates

Orientation Day                                      08 July 2017
Workshop Dates                                     09 – 18 July 2017
Workshop Dates                                     18-24 July 2017
Collaborative Image Formation           10 July 2017
Artist Talks                                               06 July 2017
Event Launch + Performance Event    30 July 2017

Bookings & Contact Information

What is the Project all About?

For the month of July the DPD team; Monique Bedwell, Catherine Thickette and Katherine Kennedy will be conducting a series of workshops during a four week artist residency at Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives. BigCi Website

The concept for Duly Priced Drink revolves around the idea of ‘the workshop’. We aim to create a symbiotic environment within which the roles of facilitator and student blur, creating a platform for equality through skill and idea sharing. This making environment is considered equally important to the outcomes.

The choice of a winter residency is significant as we intend to come together to drink hot beverages and make art and we hope that the use of real world, drinkable consumables associated with interaction will act as a catalyst for the intended discussion. Using such products as a mode of expression also forges connections between that artist and the world, as real consumable goods not normally associated with creative expression are engaged with in entirely new and surprising ways.

Creative Outcomes

There are three intended outcomes of Duly Priced Drink; these are a wall installation, a book, and a performance. The wall work and artist’s book will be created using prints produced during our workshop sessions and those interested in performing may be selected for the closing ceremony event.

Workshop Participation

Each member is required to purchase a kit bag $20 which they will use on the day, and may be taken home after the workshop – we only ask that we may retain at least one finished image board from each participant to use toward the final exhibition. This way, each participant can take every single print they achieve during the course of their workshop instead of a cardboard that they can’t use unless they have a press. Come to the workshops dressed for mess!

How to find BigCi

82 Hanlons Road (North) Bilpin NSW.

Driving from Sydney on Bells Line of Road (The Botanist Way)? Turn RIGHT into Hanlons Road straight after Mountain Lagoon Road, which is well marked. The closest train station is Richmond

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