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Artist & Honours Student - BA Fine Arts at University of New South Wales Art and Design, Sydney. Looking to expand, learn, share and engage.

BigCi Artist Residency – Duly Priced Drink


DPD EmailV5

Key dates

Orientation Day                                      08 July 2017
Workshop Dates                                     09 – 18 July 2017
Workshop Dates                                     18-24 July 2017
Collaborative Image Formation           10 July 2017
Artist Talks                                               06 July 2017
Event Launch + Performance Event    30 July 2017

Bookings & Contact Information

What is the Project all About?

For the month of July the DPD team; Monique Bedwell, Catherine Thickette and Katherine Kennedy will be conducting a series of workshops during a four week artist residency at Bilpin International Ground for Creative Initiatives. BigCi Website

The concept for Duly Priced Drink revolves around the idea of ‘the workshop’. We aim to create a symbiotic environment within which the roles of facilitator and student blur, creating a platform for equality through skill and idea sharing. This making environment is considered equally important to the outcomes.

The choice of a winter residency is significant as we intend to come together to drink hot beverages and make art and we hope that the use of real world, drinkable consumables associated with interaction will act as a catalyst for the intended discussion. Using such products as a mode of expression also forges connections between that artist and the world, as real consumable goods not normally associated with creative expression are engaged with in entirely new and surprising ways.

Creative Outcomes

There are three intended outcomes of Duly Priced Drink; these are a wall installation, a book, and a performance. The wall work and artist’s book will be created using prints produced during our workshop sessions and those interested in performing may be selected for the closing ceremony event.

Workshop Participation

Each member is required to purchase a kit bag $20 which they will use on the day, and may be taken home after the workshop – we only ask that we may retain at least one finished image board from each participant to use toward the final exhibition. This way, each participant can take every single print they achieve during the course of their workshop instead of a cardboard that they can’t use unless they have a press. Come to the workshops dressed for mess!

How to find BigCi

82 Hanlons Road (North) Bilpin NSW.

Driving from Sydney on Bells Line of Road (The Botanist Way)? Turn RIGHT into Hanlons Road straight after Mountain Lagoon Road, which is well marked. The closest train station is Richmond

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Term 1: 2017 Class Bulletin

Kids, Teens and Adult classes depend on enrolments

Please follow the link below to enrol. Prices will be made available asap:


Mondays (4-5.30pm) – Classes commence 27th February 2017

10yrs +”Spatial Visualization: Drawing and Painting”

Brief: This class is designed to encourage construction as a departure point for drawing and painting. The resultant work will include 3D and 2D elements beginning with box studies and extending to stick/branch structures formed with string.

Tuesdays (4-5.30pm) –

6yrs + “Ceramics: Vessels & Trestles”

Brief: This class includes individual and group outcomes. It combines multiple elements extending to suspension, winding, vessel sculpting or building with extra work encouraged for combination with the teen ceramic class for a future combined project. All participating students will be named and informed if the final work is included in an art-prize or exhibition.

Tuesdays (6-8pm) –

13yrs + “Ceramics: Spatial Visualization”

Brief: This class aims to prepare participants for thinking about ceramic items as sculpture and installation further to the mere functionality of the built or sculpted object. There will be individual and group projects working quickly to produce group work and carefully to make individual pieces. The 6+ ceramic classwork will be combined with the 13+ classwork to perform as an installation at a future event. All participants will be named and informed  if the final work is included in an art-prize or exhibition.

Wednesdays (4-5.30pm) –

6+ “Mixed Bag: Relief Installation”

Brief: Children will undertake a variety of image making workshops on differing surfaces though all exactly the same dimensions. These squares will be installed on the wall to build an overall image over the weeks for which each child will have participated in a group project. The project will be dismantled at the end of term and all outcomes will go home after the final week.

Wednesdays (10-1pm) – Course duration: 4 Weeks between, 6th-27th March

16+ ADULT “Printmaking: Intaglio & Relief”

Brief: This course uses the silhouetted portrait combined with patterns similar to the cameo or much more contemporary depending on each participating artist. Fluctuating between the background and foreground of the subject, artists will produce a final work after the initial three week workshops. Workshops will feature wall-paper plate making and printing and more.

Please supply the following materials: Student quality intaglio inks (smallest tubes) in Black and at least one other colour. BFK Rives or cheaper intaglio printmaking paper. Thin sheet of uncoloured clear plastic. Masking tape, Packing tape.

Weekend Printmaking Workshop – (Saturday and Sunday 18-19th March) 10am – 3pm

16+ ADULT “Printmaking: Intaglio & Relief”

Brief: This workshop supports the 4 week course outline above. It is a condensed version of this class. Ideally, the class will be made up of students undertaking the intensive class held on Wednesdays and newcomers.

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Studio Sale – Sat & Sun 26-27th November 2016


Please send me a message with your return email address if you would like to come along to this sale on the weekend.

At this end of year studio clear-out I will have some brand new drawings for sale from my latest residency in Fowlers Gap, Broken Hill NSW. I will also have some works from my Counterbalance series and countless other limited edition hand made prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures and more. There will also be some other textile products (designed and sewn by Susan Leask) that have  been extremely popular at the market sales of late. Fabric products include serviette covers, aprons in all sizes from toddler to adult and extra large, tissue box covers, cushions and more. A large portion of these items feature hessian for a more rustic appeal and even the bar stools that I have covered with this fabric looks great.


Lower Blue Mountains: Artist Studio Trail

Please send a message to if you would like to learn of the addresses of each studio.

Adresses absent_thumbnail_Arts Trail Poster_2016 August

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Coffee Collograph Workshop

This workshop is back by popular demand though it is hosted at a different location to the last coffee collograph workshop. Patrons of the last workshop will find this next one different so you are most welcome to attend.

DRAFT_V2_Adults Coffee Workshop

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Save the Date!

Attention local Blue Mountains network

Please save the date for enrolment day for Term 2, after school kids arts and crafts classes. Classes are tailored to the group and the individual. Please see Blue Mountains Creative Art Centre (BMCAC) for further details.

Term 2_V2_3March2016.jpg

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Thanks to Photographer and Zine maker extraordinaire, Robert Musgrave, we have our very own IDENTIFY zine!

Now this publication is not to be confused with an exhibition catalog as this will be separately provided within the exhibition space, listing the complete array of works on show. This zine is however a lovely insight and introduction to the artists and their varied responses to theme and of course some art-work-teasers.

IDENTIFY is an exhibition of printmaking and ceramics but with a few surprises in store for those who visit the show at Monster Mouse Studio, Maud Lane, Marrickville. IDENTIFY officially opens at 6pm Sunday 27th September by guest speaker and printmaker, Michael Kempson.


If you want your own copy of this zine, simply save this file to your own computer, open and print it double sided and in colour, fold and staple!

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