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All About Balance


Please feel free to view (by appointment) a selection of prints which are ‘All about Balance’. When I obtain an end date for this show I will update this blog entry. Please see below for some installation shots. Though if your a printmaker or enthusiast, you understand that there is nothing like getting up close to a hand made print.


Above, are four drypoint etchings with A la poupee with chine colle accents in gold. Translation; I scratched an image into plastic for many hours, then I inked up several colours on each plate to print all colours at once and whilst I did this I pasted a gold rice paper onto the paper along with the print.

A lot of people ask why I have chosen to include gold in these and other images within my counterbalance series. Its a fair question, the gold rice paper does stand out as flat somewhat cumbersome shapes, however this was all intentional. At the time of making this series I was desperately trying to balance life, study and early motherhood. I was in my second year of a Diploma of Fine Arts at Nepean TAFE (Kingswood) and although I knew what I was doing was important as foundational steps in all aspects of life, I really saw my poverty and reliance on family for lower rental fees as a weight. The gold represents my struggle for wealth though the right way…the long way…through education and sheer determination.

Also worth noting is the form these gold shapes take…flattened tissue box shapes and openings….this is a recurring motif that my work won’t escape for some time to come and has been with me now for almost four years and counting.


These two drypoints are printed in a burgandy/black and are lovely in their stripped back quality. The etching is clearer without colourful interjections and there is a nice atmospheric rubbing/erasure of ink in parts.


This is undoubtedly the etching of the series…I kind of hope it doesn’t sell. A year’s worth of work, countless finished prints…comes down to this one work.


The print on the right was extremely popular at my solo show at Sassafras Creek, Kurrajong 2013. Its sister print sold and another buyer was interested at the time…The two frames on the left are newer works. They have been exhibited at the Nepean Alumni show earlier this year and reflect my new directional focus on facial tissues and wine..though there are also keepsakes present in this work…in gold.


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Sassafras invitation

The Hawkesbury Printmaker’s show is due to come down Wednesday 22nd October which makes this your weekend of opportunity to drop in and view & /or purchase yourself a hand-made print, card or other wares.

The Hawkesbury Printmaker’s Inc. were asked to help launch the new management of Sassafras Creek Food and Wine, located in Kurrajong NSW. We have hung over 35 individual prints all framed in white, affordable and ready to sell. Or you could just go to the restaurant, share a lovely meal surrounded by some great art…either way, we invite you to view the work so Enjoy!


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Head On Photo Festival

iJK Head-On: hosted by TAP Gallery 12 May to 8 June
Featured Artists: ivy Jean, Julieanne Bartolo and Katherine Kennedy

For more information head to:

iJK Head On




K_Kennedy_BREAKING BROKEN_2014_web

Katherine Kennedy_International Womens Day_image 2


FOR SALE: Digital/Drypoint Series

Box Framed:
37 x 47 Inside Image Dimension
65 x 81 Outside Frame Dimension

This series has been by far my most profitable and these are the last three unsold box-framed pieces left.

Boxed Framed:
28 x 40 Inside Image
56 x 70 Outside Frame Dimension
Although this image is in a smaller frame, I have seen all three up together and they look amazing.



18 X 27 Image Dimension
48 x 59 Outside Frame Dimension

These framed works are a set. There will be incentive for all three to go to the one person.

This is how they look framed.

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FOR SALE: Drypoint Mono-Prints

25 x 37 Image Dimensions
55 x 70 Outside Frame Dimensions

Lets talk about it, message me and there will be incentives for taking more than one, more than two etc…Ideally I would love to find one owner for the four pieces as they are part of the counterbalance series.

DSC_0331DSC_0414DSC_036619-6-13 1681468525_10201167018798054_880639237_n


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