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Core Void – 2015 (third year)

_DSC1848Artist Book: one work comprised of two parts, each a seperately bound (un-jacketed) book.
Installation: Can be installed in a number of ways
Printmaking: Collograph, etching, aquatint, chine colle, red wine and coffee
Title: TBA however it might be…’emotional void’
/ ‘Core Void’. I would love your ideas for a title.
















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Artist Book

Hard Cover Concertina Book Form

Outline: designed and created from several demonstrated options involving concertina, accordion and flag book forms with perhaps pamphlet-stitched sections.

Result: This is my second artist book which I have made for my Artists Books Elective at COFA and I am really happy with it. It incorporates many of the requirements outlined in the assessment brief such as the concertina form, 3 dimensional considerations, is structurally sound and both stand and close allowing the covers to protect the internal pages. The one thing which differs is the cover lid flap, which does not close. This is an aesthetic decision although a surprise in the making of the box form.












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