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Today’s Coffee Collagraphic workshop with Katherine Kennedy





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Collograph Printing with Coffee: Workshop Presenter (HPI’s) Katherine Kennedy

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Hawkesbury Printmakers Presents (HPI): Coffee Collographic Workshop with Katherine Kennedy

Local artist and Hawkesbury Printmaker’s member Katherine Kennedy will be presenting the workshop ‘Collograph Printing with COFFEE’, this Easter on Saturday 11 April 2015 for beginners, dabbler’s enthusiasts and artists alike. Katherine’s own practice often incorporates facial tissues, alcohol and coffee which are actually integrated into her work either as material, colour referent or as geometric shapes.

Katherine explains;
‘A collograph refers to a printing plate made from mount board which can be incised, added to with textures or have some subtracted elements by tearing bits away from the surface. As a print form it is both cost effective and environmentally friendly however what makes this workshop special is that coffee is featured. Coffee is presented as more than just morning tea, we will explore it as a medium and recontextualise it in the process. It will become both a texture and an ink to literally print onto the paper and produce visually what the tactile nature of the texture informs. We will end up with prints that inundate the senses of touch, site and would you believe? Smell!’

All participants are invited to bring various coffee brands in for testing essentially meaning each participant is an active contributor to the learning process for all. For bookings please contact Sheila Sharp on;
Children 6 years and over are most welcome to join in with parental / carer participation. Prices include the costs of materials however participants are invited to bring the following items;
• Optional: Special papers to chine colle (collage) onto the final print
• An image to work with which is specific to your own tastes such as a portrait, animal, shape, flower or landscape etc…
• Favorite coffee brand (be sure to bring the name of the brand and particular make).

Hawkesbury Printmaker’s Inc. Member price $20 / head
Non-member $25 / head

If this sounds like its for you: READ ON.


Learn how to make your own printing plate out of cardboard, coffee and other textures
Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015, 10am to 3pm
Place: Block K13, Corner of Blacktown Road and Campus Drive, Richmond College
Tutor: HPI member and artist Katherine Kennedy

Tutorial Plan:
• 10:00 Participants to arrive
• 10:15-10:30 Introduction
o What is or constitutes a collograph – basic history
o Various methods of preparing and sealing a collograph
o Introduction to tools & associated printmaking terminology
o Inking the plate as relief, intaglio and alla poupee
o Basic introduction of chine colle
o Show example plates and resultant prints
• 10:30-11:00 Morning tea
• 11:00-12:00 Help participants to make their plates
• 12:00-1:30 Lunch & Plates arranged for best dry scenario
• 1:30-3:00 Print

• Paper: Hosho, BFK Rives, chine collee papers/scraps
• Chine Colle paste
• Trays for materials and tools down the centre of the table
• Cutting: Mat’s, stanley knives, cutting implements
• Drypoint scribes
• Wood glue: bulk
• Compact heaters/fans
• Printmaking bible: bring along for participants to flip through
• Chart on mount board with grid for different coffee’s and resultant prints
• Shellac
• Ink

Participants to bring:
• Optional: Special papers to chine colle (collage) onto the final print
• An image to work with specific to your own tastes
o Portrait, animal, shapes, flowers or landscape etc…

• Drypoint tool or any scribe that can be used to scratch a mark into the surface thus drawing via scratching.
• Favourite coffee brand (be sure to bring the name of the brand and particular make). This could be used for texture and dark tones as the ink gathers in the ‘grit’ that is created from the coffee texture. We can document the findings together!

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Sassafras invitation

The Hawkesbury Printmaker’s show is due to come down Wednesday 22nd October which makes this your weekend of opportunity to drop in and view & /or purchase yourself a hand-made print, card or other wares.

The Hawkesbury Printmaker’s Inc. were asked to help launch the new management of Sassafras Creek Food and Wine, located in Kurrajong NSW. We have hung over 35 individual prints all framed in white, affordable and ready to sell. Or you could just go to the restaurant, share a lovely meal surrounded by some great art…either way, we invite you to view the work so Enjoy!


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