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Lithography, Silkscreen & Intaglio (etch) – title pending


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ASSESSMENT TASK 3: Self-Directed Project

The conceptual basis for this proposed work is informed by balance, relationships and sex and the interrelatedness of the three. Recurring motifs are tissues and tissue boxes, wine and central core imagery as associated iconography. The notion of depth or void must be addressed for the inherent intangibility of references to emotions and other symbols.
Lithographic and screen print media explorative works will be collated to form an installation of works. A multidisciplinary approach has been taken to include other elements such as fine handmade papers, woven facial tissues, framing and or mounting, sculptural inclusions, possibly encaustic artworks and more or less as the aesthetic develops.
The format for the work is somewhat disparate as it incorporates several elements which are seemingly independent however are all installed together on a grey (for ease of viewing transparent qualities) wall at varying depths. Components will be ripped, mounted, framed, revolving, and will have a visual mind-map overall effect.

The finished installation includes lithographic, Silkscreen and Intaglio printmaking processes with lithographic and silkscreen foremost regarding the spatiality of the piece. Prints are on both butchers paper and high quality printmaking papers with the assessable prints mounted on foam core and other apparatus extending towards the viewer.
The overall format of the installation is presented as a square indicative of the top of a cubic tissue box dispenser. A round embroidery frame hangs in front of this, centred and supporting a transparent plastic sheet which has a cut through the centre, with the flaps drawn back. This creates an interesting depth of field allowing the viewer to peer through the hole at the installation.
Both oval and circular imagery reappears throughout prints as intentional iconography as does the tissue box at various flattened states and shapes. The reference to wine is inferred this time by the limited colour choice of soft neutral yellow and burgundy red referencing red and white wines.

The resolution of this work differs from the proposed idea for various reasons. Those ideas not present in the final work will undoubtedly inform work which is to follow shortly. I am happy with the outcome and feel I am learning more about broader presentation methods for printmaking in general particularly in an increasingly contemporary environment.









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